Boomerang Sports Queimada

a.k.a. Zeebo Sports Queimada / Zeebo Sports Queimado

published by Tectoy / Zeebo Brasil / Zeebo in 2010-02-05, developed by Tectoy Digital, running on Zeebo
type: sport
genre: Dodgeball
perspective: side view selectable
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: por spa

Official description

The class of Boomerang Street Sports was to find out who is the best game in the fire. In this silly game who gives the court will end up going to the cemetery! Try to be the best in online ranking or invite your friends to this amusing contest of agility. With the accessory Boomerang, you will feel the skin that game! Enjoy!

Note: This game works with both Boomerang or Z-Pad.

On August 17, 2010 this game was re-released with the new title Zeebo Sports Queimada and was also added support Z-Pad.
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Boomerang Sports Queimada is a game created by Tectoy Digital released on February 5, 2010 exclusively for the console Zeebo.

The game uses the motion-sensitive control to simulate the movements used in the fire. As in practice, the goal of the game is to eliminate the four opponents to throw the ball on them.

Like the other games, players can choose between 10 different characters, with the provision of online leaderboards.
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Technical specs

additional hardware: Boomerang controller,
display: cell shading, textured polygons

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Boomerang Sports Queimada in-game screen.
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Boomerang Sports Queimada (Zeebo)
Boomerang Sports Queimada (Zeebo)
Boomerang Sports Queimada (Zeebo)
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