Boomerang Sports Vôlei

a.k.a. Zeebo Sports Vôlei / Zeebo Sports Voley

published by Tectoy / Zeebo Brasil / Zeebo in 2009-12-14, developed by Tectoy Digital, running on Zeebo
type: sport
genre: Volleyball
perspective: side view selectable
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: por spa

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Official description

They're back! Enjoy a lively game of beach volleyball with the class of Boomerang Sports. Face new challenges in this novel in the series made especially for the control Boomerang. Try to be among the top ranking online or call your friends for a hot dispute in the sand.

Note: This game works with both Boomerang or Z-Pad.

On August 17, 2010 this game was re-released with the new title Zeebo Sports Vôlei and was also added support Z-Pad.
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Boomerang Sports Tennis is a game created by Studio Tectoy Digital, Campinas, SP, exclusively for the console Zeebo.
The game offers 10 different characters and different shoe habilitas in new games. There is also a ranking online, where players give the highest scores and the state where they reside.
Alberwood # 2010-03-27 02:50:33

Technical specs

additional hardware: Boomerang controller,
display: textured polygons, cell shading

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Boomerang Sports Vôlei in-game screen.
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Boomerang Sports Vôlei (Zeebo)
Boomerang Sports Vôlei (Zeebo)
Boomerang Sports Vôlei (Zeebo)
Boomerang Sports Vôlei (Zeebo)
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