Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City

a.k.a. Need for Speed Carbon: Domine a Cidade

published by Electronic Arts / Tectoy in 2009-05-25, developed by EA Canada / Tectoy Digital, running on Zeebo
type: racing/driving
series: Need For Speed
perspective: other
player options: single player
languages: eng por spa

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Official description

Need For Speed Carbon maintains the popular racing series in the direction of the slits urban adrenaline.

The race begins in a small town and end up in some of the most torturous, long and dangerous evidence that the world has ever seen. Challenge all your experience in faster dispute surrounded by ravines.

You and your team go into a war for control of the city, bidding high to dominate rival districts, street to street. By the time the police comes into play, making the struggle for power even more risky.

With many ways of customizing cars, Need for Speed Carbon is a racing game very challenging, you will test their skill and courage, where one wrong turn could cost you more than the race.
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Choose the best members of your team strategically and use their respective skills on the slopes and in the garage to help you win races and tune up their cars and leave them better.

Are available: Blockers (Blockers), Scouts ( "Explorers") and Drafters (Pitchers)

The revolutionary Autosculpt, tool for customizing parts, gives you the power to design, build or run with your dream car, since it enables a wide range of customization possibilities.

Unlock upgrades to engine, suspension, nitrous, turbo, inter alia, to keep your car in the first place.

Win races and challenges to enable new adhesives, paints, dark film, etc..

The cars of Need for Speed: Carbon is divided into three classes, each with a strength
* Tuners: Managers great acceleration and decent, however, are bad at full speed;
* Muscles: Are you better acceleration with good speed, but they are the worst in direction;
* Exotics: Are you more top speed balancing good speed and direction.

On July 21, 2010 this game was taken from the catalog Zeebo.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City in-game screen.
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Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City (Zeebo)
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City (Zeebo)
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City (Zeebo)
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