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Raging Thunder 2

a.k.a. Raging Thunder II

published by Polarbit / Zeebo Brasil / Zeebo Inc. in 2010-12-07, developed by Pixelbite / Polarbit, running on Zeebo
type: racing/driving
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng por spa

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Official description
Are you ready for more intense street race of all time?

You'll speed through burning temples, tropical beaches, snow-capped mountains, the Great Wall and other landscapes of breathtaking!

Buy new cars and improvements until you achieve the best machine for intense matches in Survival Mode, Race Against Time or any of the five modes of play from a player.

Contains intense gameplay and immersive 3D graphics.
# 2010-12-15 20:19:10 - official description
You’re strapped so tight to your seat that the smallest movement makes the belt chafe at your chest and neck. While a single drop of sweat lazily trickles down your temple and chin, you wonder yet again what it is you have gotten yourself into, but an intoxicating mixture of dread and almost sensuous excitement soon drowns out all other emotions.

The red light shifts to yellow and your world shrinks to the width of a windscreen... each second stretches itself into an eternity. This is it, this is all you’ve been waiting for and all you have ever feared, rolled into one soul-searing moment. And then the green light hits...

Not a realistic racing simulator, Raging Thunder is a game based on tried and true arcade values. Speed, accessibility and fun, in other words, trump the limitations imposed by so called ‘real world physics’. In the world of Raging Thunder there are no such things as ‘too narrow turns’ or ‘impossible overtakes’ (and luckily, definitely no such things as ‘traffic control officers’).

The primary strengths of Raging Thunder, and the aspects we ourselves are most proud of, is its immersive gameplay mechanics, its responsive, precise controls and its rich, beautiful graphics. It is a game for everyone to ‘pick up and play’, for ten minutes or for two hours, but one that evolves as players progress. We want Raging Thunder to create an itch in players that only ‘finishing that next race’ can scratch. Increasing difficulty, unlockable features and a dynamic game world offers replayability and guarantees that the game stays fresh.
Alberwood # 2010-04-13 06:26:33
Technical specs
display: textured polygons
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Raging Thunder 2 in-game screen.
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Raging Thunder 2 (Zeebo)
Raging Thunder 2 (Zeebo)
Raging Thunder 2 (Zeebo)
Raging Thunder 2 (Zeebo)
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