Galactic Civilizations

a.k.a. GalCiv

created and published by Stardock in 1995, running on OS/2
genre: Science Fiction
series: Galactic Civilizations
player options: single player
languages: eng

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The later Galactic civilization game that was created for Windows were made from scratch, not ports of the OS/2 originals.
(Zerothis) - # 2010-04-17 21:03:06
When IBM split with Microsoft, they recognized that OS/2 had far more technical potential as a gaming platform than Windows. They donated software, compilers, and documentation to Stardock expecting it could lead to a full developer-publisher relationship and great games for OS/2. Before they got too serious, they found out that Stardock Systems was a kid in a dorm room, Brad Wardell, and his secretary mom. Mom set about incorporating the company and putting together some nice looking paperwork to make the company look professional. Brad Wardell, with questionable knowledge of the C language and help from 3 friends, created the game that holds the records having the most windows in its interface. He did know how to to graphics on OS/2, but did know how to make a window with a background. Since every object/graphic in the game is a window, the game has thousands of Windows (perhaps OS/2 is the only OS that could pull this off without suffering major performance issues).
All reports suggest the GalCiv sold very well, but official records were not kept. The publisher, apparently another kid in another dorm, a fact previously unknown to Stardock, never paid the royalties for Galactic Civilization and the company did not have the resources to pursue legal recourse. So, Wardell release an $15 expansion pack for GalCiv . 1000 GalCiv owners bought one and he paid his 4 employees, 3 of whom had had enough of the gaming industry and got normal jobs. They also created Star Emperor based on GC, and it was published by IBM. With the remaining profit, Stardock Systems preceded to become a successful OS/2 developer.
Stardock Systems eventually took their original publisher to court and got back publishing rights to Galactic Civilizations.
(Zerothis) - # 2010-04-17 20:24:35

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display: raster

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Brad Wardell

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