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Powerboat Challenge

published by Fishlabs / Zeebo Brasil / Zeebo Inc. in 2010-10-12, developed by Fishlabs, running on Zeebo
type: racing/driving
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng por spa

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Official description
Enter the water and sail at full speed by meandering rivers in this exciting boat race. Earn more points for coming first and also for driving with precision. Fill the bar turbo for extra speed! With the prize money you win, you can improve your ship with better engines, turbos and many more options. Use the Boomerang to control an extra dose of fun!
# 2010-11-05 19:56:22 - official description
Powerboat Challenge – Race at full throttle with speedy racing boats, cool characters, hot babes and cheeky comments!
If you want to win in Powerboat Challenge, you not only need talent, you also need style! Spurring your motorboat over the water to the finish line is not a big deal, but if you manage to pass the buoys on the correct side and as closely as possible you receive style points and can also fill up your turbo boost and shoot past your opponents.


- Four cool characters with stylish racing boats to choose from
- Four different venues with lots of competitions
- Different disciplines such as classic lap racing, time qualifications and the thrilling elimination competition
- In-game shop with lots of tuning options
- 10 hours of exciting game play, easy to learn, hard to master

Pick one of these zany characters to race against the others: whether it’s with cool Zed Turner, razor-sharp Inga Kristiansen, rocker Ryan O’Neal or nerdy Yong Hyun Kim – even cooler than them are their speedboats with which you can test your skills on the twisting waters. And these can be really challenging, no matter if you’re taking part in lap races, races against time or eliminator races, in which the last racer to finish a lap is disqualified from the race.

And if you find you have too much money in your account you can head into one of the shops and upgrade your boat with a better engine, more powerful turbos or skilful chip tuning and have more power on the water from then on. But be careful! Your opponents aren’t resting either and will continue to challenge you with upgraded boats as well.
Alberwood # 2010-10-18 22:11:30
Technical specs
additional hardware: Boomerang controller,
display: textured polygons
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Powerboat Challenge in-game screen.
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Powerboat Challenge (Zeebo)
Powerboat Challenge (Zeebo)
Powerboat Challenge (Zeebo)
Powerboat Challenge (Zeebo)
Powerboat Challenge (Zeebo)
Powerboat Challenge (Zeebo)
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