a.k.a. Là-Haut

created and published by Vtech in 2009, running on V.Smile
type: edutainment

Official description

Age Group: 4-6 Years

Your kids now have a chance to put themselves into one of the newest and most exciting movie adventures! They can join Carl Fredricksen and his companion Russell on their journey to Paradise Falls and their exploration of the surrounding jungle! Put yourself in the adventure and play as characters from the movie.

V.Motion "UP!" offers 7 games in 2 areas, Learning Adventure - which retells the story of the UP! movie. And, Learning Zone - simple games that take place throughout Paradise Falls.

Features of the V Smile V Motion Game Up!:

* 2 modes of play with Learning Adventure and Learning Zone
* Motion controls put kids in the adventure, playing as the characters in the movie
* Heartwarming friendship between an old man (Carl) and a young boy (Russell)
* Exotic background of Paradise Falls appeals to a sense of adventure
* Compatible with V.Link for tracking progress and unlocking bonus games online
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