Xenus II: White Gold

a.k.a. Xenus II: Белое золото / Xenus II: Beloe zoloto / White Gold: War in Paradise / Xenus 2

published by Russobit-M in 2008-10-24, developed by Deep Shadows, running on Windows
type: role-play, shooter
genre: Backstabbing, Decomposing, Driving, Jumping, Lock picking, Postures, Reload: Manual, Shopping, Stealth, Swimming, Underwater diving, Walking
series: Xenus
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
game engine: Vital Engine
languages: eng rus
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Official description

Caribbean islands; islands full of secrets, mystery and the spirit of romance. These islands are both beautiful and lethally dangerous. Centuries ago the waters of this region were teeming with pirates and adventurers... and frankly, not much has changed since then.
Many books have been written about the Caribbean basin and many films have depicted it.
Now you have a unique chance to visit these places yourself and personally witness the everyday life of drug-dealers, bandits and the Mafioso. You'll be able to take part in various mysterious events and get involved in fights between various hostile forces, or just admire the luscious tropical environment while drinking the traditional pirate's liquor - rum. The Caribs are waiting for you!

White Gold: War in Paradise is the new project from game developers Deep Shadows. White Gold is the spiritual sequel to 2005's popular game Boiling Point: Road to Hell.

The main hero arrives on the islands in order to investigate a series of mysterious events, but he instantly ends up in troubles that only you can help him with.

White Gold: War in Paradise is not a direct continuation of the Boiling Point: Road to Hell storyline, but a successor in atmosphere and gameplay mechanics. A superb mix of RPG elements and FPS combat, vast open areas, hostile groups and factions, diverse vehicles and weapons, and a story full of sudden turns and surprises awaits you.

The project is being developed on Vital Engine 3, the new in-house engine created by Deep Shadows, which includes all modern technical features, such as Shader Model 3.0 and various post processing effects including HDR (High Dynamic Range), motion blur and a host of others. In comparison to Vital Engine 2, the physics system for vehicles has also been greatly improved. Moreover, some of the new engine's strengths are destructible objects, which will be taken advantage of everywhere in the game, and the support for a huge, unified playing area.

The character development system has also been heavily altered to become more interesting and flexible. One of our major innovations is a system of perks that affects the game experience a lot and greatly extends the variety in which it is possible to improve your character.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons, textured polygons

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Xenus II: White Gold in-game screen.
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