created and published by SGI in 1993, running on Unix
type: sport
genre: Soccer
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: shared-screen, LAN, Internet
languages: eng other

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Official description

tamakeri is a multiple-player soccer game. Three players use one keyboard, and teams play across the network with each other.
The intro to tamakeri is quite nice, although a bit long if you've seen it before. To get past it, simply hit the space bar and you will be taken to the team selection window. At the team slection[sic] window you have the option of playing on the red team, the blue team, or watching the game as a spectator. The current selection is a shade of gray; to change selections, use the arrow keys instead of the mouse then press return. You may also choose to play with or without a soundtrack, and whether you will be playing as one, two or three players from your machine. Once the window comes up with the rotating square (the player), you can click with the mouse to cause the square to fall and the game to start. tamakeri will also permit you to choose how fast a game you would like. The controls are simple: one button turns you left, another turns you right, and the third button will propel you forward. If you hit the rotating "ball" while going forward, this serves as a kick and will move it in the direction you're travelling[sic].

While the ball will bounce off the edges of the playing field, players will not. Thus, you can shove another person off the playing field, or fall off yourself.
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Technical specs

display: flat polygons

Authors / Staff

Hirokazu Sano

Tags (6)

video game



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