created and published by Mojang in 2011-11-18, running on Linux
type: role-play
genre: Cartoon, Fantasy, Open World Survival Crafting, Sandbox
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player, LAN, Internet
languages: eng

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Go prospecting for materials to build game world bricks and more advanced items (such as minecarts). Fend off enemy creatures. Also grow crops if you like.
zerothis # 2010-12-03 23:35:59


GPL license is likely wrongly applied to this:
Do not distribute anything I've made. This includes the client and the server software for the game. This also includes modified versions of anything I've made.
source: www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp

Also on the former DRM tag:
Once you've bought the game, it's yours. No DRM.
source: www.minecraft.net/prepurchase.jsp
Sanguine # 2011-04-10 14:07:22

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Editor notes (2)

Unlike the Windows and Mac versions, the Linux version is distributed as plain Java runtime (.jar archive) which is not Linux specific at all and can be run on any other platform with Java VM.
# 2011-04-10 13:58:33
Online play is free, offline play requires purchasing online play. The game is GPL and source code is freely available (so paying is not strictly required for anyone who modifies and compiles the code themselves. This is perfectly legal, though somewhat inconvenient)
# 2010-12-03 23:34:17

Authors / Staff

Daniel Rosenfeld
Markus Persson

Contributors (3)


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