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Voyage of the Valkyrie!

created and published by Powersoft Products in 1980, running on TRS-80
type: action/reflex, simulation
genre: Science Fiction
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Technical specs
additional hardware: Joystick, Keyboard,
display: Monotone
Editor note
This game uses a programming technique whereby a BASIC program writes machine code that then overwrites the BASIC program in memory and executes the machine code. This has many advantages, including using all available memory on the system. If the application in fact fills up all available memory, users will find it very difficult to modify the program (cheating will be very difficult). The program itself cannot be copied out of memory and saved for illegal resale or sharing. It cannot be decompiled. And the original BASIC program makes little sense unless your are the original developer, it is effectively an encrypted source code.

Sound required soldering a speaker to the TRS-80. Instructions in the documentation. Although, RadioShack would do this for customers who brought them the parts.
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Leo Christoperson
Leo Christopherson
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Voyage of the Valkyrie! in-game screen.
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Voyage of the Valkyrie! (TRS-80)
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