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published by author in 2001, running on Linux
type: adventure
genre: Historical
perspective: other
player options: single player
game engine: ZIL engine
languages: eng

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A very interesting game, sort of. No puzzles to solve, this is purely narrative driven design. There is little interaction. Of course, the subject of free will versus fate kind of demands certain restrictions if it going to be explored properly. But many players will be frustrated by watching events and being powerless to change them (although what they say and do has major effect). At one point they literally can do nothing else but type the next letter in a command until its entered. Someone not familiar with the real historical figures involved will actually enjoy the story a lot more. Those somewhat familiar may enjoy the moment they realize who exactly Jhenette is. But even someone familiar with history and the Holy Bible can have a good time identifying who they are playing, the dark winged figure, Michel, and so forth. This is often called a "religious" game though there is very little religion played all in the game if any. There is much more faith and philosophy involved. The character of Jhenette is driven purely by faith.

Jhenette's story has been told many times and this retelling is used here just as it has been before to explore the same issues just as it has before. The only two things are new here. One is a 'new character' (Actually, the 'new' character turns out not to be new at all as revealed by one of the endings) that interacts with Jhenette and does not alter the earthly historic events. The other is the player's ability to not change the original story while being offered the opportunity to do so. Which does make the story more involving. Jhenette's 'last scene in the movie' especially becomes more powerful when the player can tell her what to say during. Attempts to alter the story can only alter a new romantic subplot, where most of the theological problems are introduced. Thankfully, the new subplot leaves Jhenette unsullied.

The author himself claims to be "non-Christian" and "tried not to contradict anywhere mainstream Christian theology". He fails here, not only with 'mainstream Christian theology' but with straight contra-biblical content (I don't think he's read very much of it). He had a desire to attempt 'good "Christian" IF'. Well, I'll say its good, but its hardly Christian. Though what are commonly called 'Christian' themes are used, a few bits of theology presented are definitely incompatible with the teachings of Jesus and some is definitely not even Catholic, but Catholic faith is what the game comes closest too. However, his portrayal of Jhenette and the dark winged figure seem surprisingly correct. These portrayals are excellent speculations. The dark winged figure is a scene-stealer (which fits his character perfectly). His use of expletives are certain to offend some. "If this attempt of mine is liked, it may also show that a non-Christian author can be an asset to such an endeavour."[sic] Mr. Katsaris, I'm curious, will you ever attempt to write something to be an asset to the endeavor of female Welsh Literature? Cheer up, while becoming Welsh and a female may be a stretch for you, becoming Christian is super easy. Ask me if you want.

# 2010-12-10 04:18:25
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