Super Quest

a.k.a. SuperQuest

created and published by Softside in 1982, running on Apple II E
type: role-play
genre: Fantasy, Haggling, Shopping
setting: Future
perspective: other bird's-eye
player options: single player
other: Shareware
languages: eng

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MSRP: $3

This game is massive by any standards at 1024 total locations. That is 4 times larger than the overworld and dungeons of The Legend of Zelda. Everything is in real-time and offers no other respite than a few sparely place shops. Shops are also the only place games can be saved. Strength is the only stat. It is increased in small random increments only by drinking strength potions bought from shops. Currency does not come from killing monsters but only from rare chests dispersed throughout the labrynth. Killing monsters gains XP which mainly counts as a high score (since winning the game is unlikley). Most screens have monsters that will be there every time you arrive no matter if you have defeated them previously. There are also random monster encounters that happen everywhere except shops, there is no pause to escape them or leave time to make your own map.

In a future on Earth with too much magic and too much technology, a one-of-a-king technomagical artifact was created to keep balance between the two. Being more powerful than it was intended, it stifled all change for either. A powerful king decided to used technology to hide and negate the effects of the artifact. With the artifact sealed away in a labyrinth of traps and unnatural guard creatures magic began overwhelming technology. 200 years later, a hero is chosen to brave the labyrinth and recover the artifact.

Entering initials is explained in-game. Heroes are sponsored by nobles so when the hero is asked who their sponsor is, it's the player.
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Authors / Staff


Brian Reynolds (original idea)
rubywand [Jeffrey Hurlbert] (author)


James Bruton (design)
John Carmody (design)
John Lowe (design)
Zeh Hurlburt (design)


Al Johnston (sound fx)
Steve Kropinak (sound fx)
Zeh Hurlburt (sound fx)


John Lowe (qa)


James Bruton (magic lamp)
James Bruton (other ideas)
John Carmody (other ideas)
John Lowe (other ideas)
Richard Bouchard (apple ])
Zeh Hurlburt (dragon-fire)
Zeh Hurlburt (other ideas)

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