Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

published by Paradox Interactive in 2011-05-03, developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment, running on Windows
type: role-play, action/reflex
genre: Melee combat simulation
series: Mount & Blade
perspective: 3rd person 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng fre ger spa
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Official description

It was one the most romantic, cruel and dramatic episode of the Europe history. The game are composed of distinct political forces: Tsardom of Russia, Sweden, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita), Cossack Ukraine and the Crimean Khanate. The entire game world where the main action takes place is divided between these powers. Each of the factions has its own national units, like Polish hussar cavalry or Don Cossack as a Russian unique fighter.

Based on the original gameplay of M&B, With Sword and Fire is an action-oriented role-playing game with emphasis on mounted combat. The player is able to join one of the 5 battling fractions, fight as a mercenary and bring his fraction to dominate Europe. Quest system is very close to Sid Meier's Pirates! — player can switch to sand-box or to story mod at any point.

17th century is barely represented by other games and is usually passed over. On the other hand, a positive example of successful products on this subject are Cossacks: European Wars, Corsairs and Sid Meier's Pirates!, which proved the audience’s interest in this period. Moreover, this game will allow history-lovers and/or ill-wishers to accomplish what they have dreamt of, but could not undertake under the present circumstances. Player will get an opportunity to create a Russian Empire, having conquered every singe province – or else, side with Poland and enthrone the Polish King in Moscow, or build Swedish Kingdom from the Baltica to the Urals. Therefore, this historical setting will not only spark the interest of history fans, but also tickle the national pride of players in general, present them with a game world in which they can voice their disagreement in, and rewrite the history of, their respective people to one’s heart content.

Key Features
* A storyline based on the cult novel from Nobel-prize winner author Henry Sienkiewicz.
* A new century of warfare that brings pistols, muskets, grenades, and other advanced weaponry to the battlefield.
* Fully customizable armies; players can outfit their soldiers with each piece of weaponry & armor.
* Additional quest types. More political intrigue with colorful factions. More adventure in a new land.
* New economic system, which includes village / town development, a banking system, & new trade options. Players will have the opportunity to loan money, keep money on deposit, and arrange caravans.
* Multiple endings to sustain player's interest and increase replayability.
* Deeply researched historical component encompassing every aspect of the game's assets.
* Ferocious new multiplayer action, bringing players the thrill of pitting old technology against the looming threat of firearms.

Detailed Features:
* 3 Main Story-driven questlines for the player to delve into once they've become known in a particular faction.
* Additional quest types.
* Implementation of firearms, adds a whole new layer of strategic depth to the franchise's proven combat model.
* New Siege options to choose before besieging a town or castle.
* New Multiplayer Maps(see below) and New multiplayer mode, "Captain Mode".
* New Additions to Multiplayer
New Multiplayer Maps:
* Old Castle, Swamp Delta, Steppe Farmstead, Hill Road, Fields, Arena, Marketplace, Forest Road, Forest Edge, River Village
New Multiplayer Siege Maps:
* Monastery Castle, Oreshek, Hill Fortress, Vyborg, Nomad Camp
New Multiplayer Mode:
Captain mode: A new mode in which players each command a squad of soldiers(3-24 per squad).
* 8 human commanders vs. 8 human commanders(recommended setting, but not exact limit)
* Human commanders buy squads of troops at various costs and strengths.
* Servers can choose the squad sizes for the match:
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword in-game screen.
Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword (Windows)
Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword (Windows)
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