Pocky & Rocky With Becky

published by Natsume / Taito in 2001, developed by Altron, running on Game Boy Advance
type: shooter
genre: Scrolling shooter
series: Kiki Kai Kai
perspective: bird's-eye push-scroll
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Official description

An evil Hydra Dragon has been awakened from a long sleep and has unleashed the world's most fearded mythical creatures on the land. It is up to you to stop them and eventually put an end to the evil Hydra's madness! You can choose one of the three characters, Pocky, Rocky the Raccoon or Becky to embark on this fantastic and dangerous adventure. Collect magical items and a variety of power-ups to help battle the mythical bosses as you journey to the final showdown with Hydra!
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Technical specs

display: raster

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Pocky & Rocky With Becky in-game screen.
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Pocky+Rocky+With+Becky ()
Pocky & Rocky With Becky (Game Boy Advance)
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