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created and published by Squid In A Box in 2011-11-16, running on Windows
type: shooter
genre: Shoot 'em up
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Official description
Shooter fans deserve more. And those who haven’t discovered the pleasure of twin stick destruction deserve an entry point. Introducing Waves, a twin stick shooter that can be played by anyone, but with a high enough skill threshold to keep even the most hardened shooter fan entertained.

Waves has been built from the ground up to be accessible, yet require mountains of skill to master. It cuts away the fluff and boils everything down to what’s really important: Highscores.

The goal is to clear the arena of enemies while racking up a big fat Combo with swift kills and well timed Bombs and if it all gets a bit too much you can use your Time Buffer to slow down the action and turn defeat into victory. Players can compete across five different game modes with online high-score tables and Achievements in their pursuit of perfection.

Key Features:
* Slow down time at will with the Time Buffer.
* Decimate enemies with well timed bombs.
* Chain together kills for massive combos.
* Battle against your friends scores with the online leaderboards.
* Crunch Time – 3 minutes to get the highest score you can.
* Level up and defeat the fearsome Cubes to extend your time in Rush.
* Survival mode - 3 Lives and more baddies than you can eat but watch out for ambushes!
* Bombing Run is all about the Boom. No guns but lots and lots of Boom. BOOM!
* Challenge mode puts your skills to the test with 20 levels and only 30 seconds each – Try and 5-Star them all.
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Technical specs
display: vector
External review - average: 85%
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Waves in-game screen.
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