Donkey Kong Jr.

a.k.a. ドンキーコングJr. / ドンキーコングJR

created and published by Nintendo in 1988-07-19, running on Famicom Disk System
type: platformer
genre: Mario universe, Rescue, Walking
series: Donkey Kong, Mario
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

Personal review

The "Donkey Kong Jr." Famicom Disk System version could only be obtained via the Disk Writer method where you bought an empty disk and could copy a game for a small fee at certain copy stations. A regular version with box and manual was never available. You could order an extra foldout manual though. The game of course is identical to the Famicom version which appeared five years earlier in 1983. I think it lost a bit of its appeal over the time and the only reason to get it in 1988 was the lower price of Disk Writer games. Still playable but really short and there were many much better games around then.

# 2012-01-08 05:37:33

Official description

Based on the popular arcade game, Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to the immensely successful Donkey Kong. Play as Donkey Kong's son, Junior, and rescue your dad who has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a cage by Mario. Use your jumping and climbing abilities to clamber up vines and chains, gather vital fruit and keys, and open the cage to free your father. Make sure you avoid the pesky birds, nasty electric sparks, and creepy chompers! Four different worlds filled with numerous climbing and jumping puzzles await you in this timeless classic.
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Technical specs

display: raster, raster

Authors / Staff


Hiroshi Yamauchi (executive producer)
Masayuki Uemura (producer)


Shigeru Miyamoto (concept design)


Toshihiko Nakago (program)


Hirokazu Tanaka (sound)
Yukio Kaneoka (sound)

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Donkey Kong Jr. in-game screen.
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Donkey Kong Jr. (Famicom Disk System)
Donkey Kong Jr. (Famicom Disk System)
Donkey Kong Jr. (Famicom Disk System)
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