a.k.a. Starfarer

created and published by Fractal Softworks in 2013, running on Windows
This game is still in active development.
type: simulation, strategy, role-play
genre: Science Fiction
perspective: other
player options: single player
languages: eng

Official description

The Domain of Man is no more. Their countless fleets and innumerable armies have been shattered and lost. The comforts of their civilization are a distant memory. Cut off from the Star Gate network and scattered in isolated pockets throughout the galaxy, humanity is trying to recover from the great Collapse.

The story of Starfarer concerns a sector mostly untouched by the calamity that spelled doom for the Domain. For over 200 cycles, humanity has been losing its grip on civilization, and struggling desperately to hang on to what is left.

It is a time of frequent conflict, rampant piracy, and unsteady allegiances; a time of great profit for the few traders able to ply the old trading routes; a time of great danger and greater opportunity.

What will you discover in the ongoing development of the world of Starfarer?
* Single player, gritty, dystopian sci-fi setting
* Classic top down gameplay style enhanced by modern technology
* A procedurally generated sector of the galaxy, seeded with well-known core worlds and factions
* Develop your character into a hot-shot pilot, a cagey admiral, an industrial magnate – or anything in between
* Outfit ships with your weapons of choice and add hull modifications to create crushing tactical combinations
* Explore hundreds of star systems to find habitable worlds, rich resource deposits, and lost technology
* Assemble a large, powerful fleet or a finely-tuned task force with hand-picked officers and crew
* Cripple core world supply lines to cause chaos and create easy prey for piracy or bolster the rule of law and try to reverse the sector’s descent into anarchy
* Impact the fate of the sector with your decisions and leave a permanent mark in the world
alpha description - # 2012-03-10 23:19:44 - official description


Unique-ish features:
* Flux - increased by having shields up, firing most weapons, shields getting hit, voluntarily increasing it, etc.
... only beneficial thing high flux currently has is that energy weapon damage is increased with it
... ship becomes disabled for a time when flux capacitors reach their limit
... flux can be vented, eliminating it completely, but this disables shields
* Missiles (e.g. Salamander MRM) that flank their targets to hit the target's engines.
* Player can transfer command staff to any other ship during combat (this sends a passenger shuttle flying between the ships), can be done safely outside of combat
* Player can delegate all control of the flagship to AI.
Sanguine # 2012-03-13 14:52:35

Technical specs

display: _ (mixed), raster, textured polygons

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