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created and published by Entropic Software, running on Linux
type: shooter
perspective: other bird's-eye
player options: single player
other: Freeware
languages: eng

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Official description
Arena is an action shooter. A dual analog joystick is highly recommended,
although you can use the keyboard. Arena is extremely difficult and will be
a challenge to the hardened gamer. Many people cannot complete the Arena levels
included in the Free Edition, let along the Silver or Gold Editions!

You can begin Arena at the start of any Area you have reached. Unlike Orbit
and Flick, if you run out of lives, you must begin again from the start of
the Area. At the end of each Area (except the first) is a boss, who you must
defeat to reach the next Area. If you lose a life at the start of the Area,
don't worry, the loss will be ignored. You can play at the start of an Area
as many times as you like without loss of life. Once you're off that start
level though, you are vulnerable.

In Arena you will run into bonuses from time to time. Initially these bonuses
appear once per Area, but by the end of the game you will gain several bonuses
every level.

The final level of the game has a very, very big and nasty boss. Expect an
epic battle here...
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Technical specs
display: textured polygons
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Arena in-game screen.
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