Shadowrun Returns

a.k.a. Shadowrun Returns: Dead Man 's Switch / Shadowrun Returns: The Seattle Campaign

created and published by Harebrained Schemes in 2013-10-31, running on Linux
type: role-play, turn-based
genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cybernetics, Hacking, Investigation, Shopping, Sorcery, Unarmed fighting, Walking, Tactical
setting: Future, Shadowrun
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
game engine: Unity
languages: eng

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Will be released sometime after the other platforms, current (2013-04-10) estimate by developers is when the game is translated to German, French, and Italian... whatever that means in terms of actual timing was not elaborated.

Update: Was released finally on 2013-10-31.
Sanguine # 2013-04-10 06:02:37 - source

Technical specs

display: raster, textured polygons (mixed)

Editor note

The protagonist is presented multiple reasons for involvement; obligation, personal gain (currency reward), revenge, justice, duty (obligated by accepted employment). The main character is constantly presented opportunities to speak and act on a single one of these motives. However, the character sometime choose to speak deceptively (in relation to their motive) with little consequence. The different speech/action options have minor effects on profit and advancement and have make nor real difference to the overall plot. But, they may affect the availability and lack a few sidequests. Which motive truly applies really depends on how the player plays it and if they choose to stick to that motive. However, the protagonist is eventually unavoidably caught up in a mush larger conflict, though his previous motives still effect how he is involved. Though the protagonist is entangled in the larger events, there may be some coercion involved depending on how the player chooses responses too the events.
# 2014-03-10 18:57:55

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Shadowrun Returns in-game screen.
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