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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

published by Microïds / cdv Software Entertainment in 1998-10-01, developed by Monolith Productions, running on Windows
type: action/reflex, shooter
genre: Science Fiction, Manga
perspective: 1st person 3rd person selectable
player options: single player, LAN, Internet
game engine: Lithtech
languages: eng pol

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Comments (2)
The game installer is 16bit application so it can't be run on 64bit OS, but this is unnecessary as you can simply copy the Game folder from the CD where-ever you would've otherwise installed the game and run it from there as if you had installed it there.

If you're missing video in animations (but sound works fine) and missing text in main menu (and the mission log in-game, if you manage that far blind), try enabling triple buffering, this worked for me for some mysterious reason.
Sanguine # 2008-08-12 22:09:03
A manga-style 3D shooter with a great plot. Use a soldier inside the buildings and a 20 mt. robot on the streets. Great variety of weapons and cool graphic with explosions, smoke and blood!
# 2000-11-28 13:03:04
Technical specs
display: textured polygons
* Windows 95 or 98
* 166 MHz Pentium CPU (233 MHz for software rendering)
* 32 MB RAM
Sanguine # 2008-08-12 21:52:26
Editor notes (2)
Two expansions were planned but never finished.

The first one was titled Shugotenshi and was developed by Nevolution. Kura Akkuraju would have been the main character.

The other one, developed by Anarchy Arts, was titled Legacy of the Fallen and was set on a Kato mining facility on another planet, where the player would have learned more about the Fallen.
# 2015-04-26 11:59:27
Latest version: (as of 1999-02)
# 2008-08-12 21:49:59
Authors / Staff


Harumi Hasumi (shogo opening theme song coordination)
Jarosław Parchański (polish version coordination)
John L. Jack (producer)
Konrad Ozga (polish version coordination)
Makoto Sekigawa (shogo opening theme song executive producer)


Craig Hubbard (game designer)
Eric 'Weapon Master' Kohler (weapon designs)
Eric 'Weapon Master' Kohler (character designs)
Nathan Hendrickson (game designer)
Steve Lee (mecha designer)
Wes Saulsberry (designer)


Bill Brooks (game engineer)
Kevin Stephens (lead game engineer)
Nobuyuki Nakatani (programming)


Ben Olsen (texture artist)
Jordan Minkove (additional texture artwork)
Steve Lee (texture artist)
Wes Saulsberry (lead texture artist)

motion capture

Bill Cass (mocap technician)
Simon Wong (mocap technician)

3d artist

Aaron 'Dr' Rose (additional 3d animation)
Brian Walte (additional 3d animation)
Matt Allen (lead 3d animator)
Peter Arisman (additional 3d animation)
Rick Winter (additional 3d animation)

level designer

Craig Hubbard (lead level designer)
Darren Korman (additional level design)
Mark Brown (additional level design)
Nathan Hendrickson (level designer)
Todd Clineschmidt (level designer)


Brad Pendleton (lithtech sound system)
Cass Thruston (audio technician)
Dan Bernstein (audio composer)
Guy Whitmore (audio composer)
James Ackley (lead audio designer)
Miho Nemoto (shogo opening theme song lyrics)
Nobuyuki Nakatani (shogo opening theme song arrangement)
Satoru Arai (shogo opening theme song mixing)
Yohei Takashima (shogo opening theme song music)


Akika Tanaka (voice talent)
Aleksander Pestyk (polish version voice talent)
Barbara Guzińska (polish version voice talent)
Bartosz Dziedzic (polish version voice talent)
Chris Liu (mocap actor)
Czarek Zybala (polish version voice talent)
Edyta Duda (polish version voice talent)
Ewa Batycka (polish version voice talent)
Gienek Jachym (polish version voice talent)
Grażyna Bułka (polish version voice talent)
Greg Spyrides (mocap actor)
Grzegorz Sikora (polish version voice talent)
Irek Ogrodziński (polish version voice talent)
Isreal Evans (mocap actor)
Jadwiga Grygierczyk (polish version voice talent)
Jan Chmiel (polish version voice talent)
Janusz Siwy (polish version voice talent)
Jerzy Batycki (polish version voice talent)
Jerzy Dziedic (polish version voice talent)
Kari McGee (voice talent)
Kathy Levin (voice talent)
Kazimierz Czapla (polish version voice talent)
Kuba Abrahamowicz (polish version voice talent)
Lucyna Sypniewska (polish version voice talent)
Lynn Rott (voice talent)
Magdalena Nieć (polish version voice talent)
Małgorzata Kozłowska (polish version voice talent)
Michał Bukowski (polish version voice talent)
Mike Madeoy (voice talent)
Piotr Gierczak (polish version voice talent)
Piotr Tomaszewski (polish version voice talent)
Rafał Gralewski (polish version voice talent)
Robert Wdaniec (polish version voice talent)
Ryszard Sypniewski (polish version voice talent)
Sean Griffin (voice talent)
Ted D'Arms (voice talent)
Tomasz Drabek (polish version voice talent)
Tomasz Sylwestrzak (polish version voice talent)
Władek Aniszewski (polish version voice talent)
Włodzimierz Pohl (polish version voice talent)


Joanna Ozga (polish version translation)
Konrad Ozga (translation)


Benny Kee (test crew)
Collin Moore (test crew)
Isaac Marshall (test crew)
Jonathan Stein (qa manager)
Jordan Minkove (test crew)
Kelly Kristek (test crew)
Ryan Mattson (test crew)


Adam Ketola (the hype machine)
Andrea Barringer (the admin crew)
Brad Pendleton (tools engineer)
Brian L. Goble (additional lithtech)
Brian L. Goble (shogo engineering)
Bryan Bouwman (additional lithtech)
Bryan Bouwman (shogo engineering)
Camille Ball (the hype machine)
Dan Erickson (the is team)
Eric Minamoto (the is team)
Gary Kussman (the admin crew)
Greg Kettell (additional lithtech)
Greg Kettell (shogo engineering)
Ireneusz Jeziak (polish version recording direction)
Jason Hall (the hype machine)
Jenni Gant (the hype machine)
Jeremy Blackman (additional lithtech)
Jeremy Blackman (shogo engineering)
Jim Totaro (the is team)
Joel Reiff (the hype machine)
JT Traub (additional lithtech)
JT Traub (shogo engineering)
Kevin Lambert (additional lithtech)
Kevin Lambert (shogo engineering)
Lynn Rott (the admin crew)
Mike Dussault (lead lithtech engineer)
Patti Kail (the admin crew)
Paul Butterfield (the hype machine)
Samantha Ryan (the hype machine)
Sandi Watanabe (the admin crew)
Scott H. Pultz (lithtech engineer)
Scott Schlegel (additional lithtech)
Scott Schlegel (shogo engineering)
Shane Thompson (the hype machine)
Spencer Maiers (the hype machine)
Toby Gladwell (additional lithtech)
Toby Gladwell (shogo engineering)
Wayne Burns (the admin crew)
Wizart (polish version layout)
Wizart (printing preparations)
Yohei Takashima (arrangement)
Yohei Takashima (production)
Yohei Takashima (guitar)
Yohei Takashima (instruments)
External reviews (4) - average: 75.5% - median: 81%
review sourcecountryissuedatescore   
Génération 4 (83-138)fr1171998-123/650%
PC Playerde721998-1274/10074%
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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division in-game screen.
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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (Windows)
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (Windows)
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