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a.k.a. Asylum: Face the Horror

created and published by Senscape in 2012, running on Linux
type: adventure
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
game engine: Dagon Engine
languages: eng fre ger ita rus spa other

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Official description
Decay surrounds you, dread around every corner. You feel imprisoned while traversing the endless corridors... Asylum is a chilling journey through the intricate floors of the Hanwell Mental Institute, in which unimaginable atrocities have occurred in the past. Over four years in production, this horror adventure aims to marry cutting edge visuals with thrilling storytelling to give you the ultimate experience in fear. From the designer of the award-winning and cult sleeper hit Scratches.

Some Key Features
  • A mature and disturbing horror storyline that will haunt you for years to come
  • High definition graphics that remain sharp on the largest monitors
  • One of the biggest virtual buildings ever created for a game
  • Around 100 rooms to explore in breathtaking detail
  • Featuring the voice of industry veteran Josh Mandel
  • Over 15 hours of gameplay estimated

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Technical specs
display: raster, textured polygons

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