Miracle Ropit's Adventure in 2100

a.k.a. ミラクルロピット ~2100年の大冒険~ / Miracle Ropitt: 2100-Nen no Daibōken

published by King Records in 1987-08-07, developed by Micronics, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: platformer
genre: Manga
setting: Future
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

Personal review

"Miracle Ropit" is a really bad platform game. The developers tried to bring variety into the game, with quite different locations, some "puzzles" and levels that run vertically. However the final product feels very very buggy, badly animated and difficult. And particularly bad design decisions like the barriers at the end of the first stage, which can only be opened by firing and continuously hop from a certain stone to another stone. First I thought the game must be based on some manga or anime but I couldn't find evidence that this is really the case.

# 2012-11-17 05:23:43

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Despite being a Japanese market exclusive, all of the in-game text is in English.
# 2013-08-08 21:58:49

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Miracle Ropit's Adventure in 2100 in-game screen.
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