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created and published by LudoCraft in 2012-12-05, running on Windows
type: shooter
genre: Tactical
perspective: 1st person
player options: LAN, Internet
game engine: Unity
languages: eng

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Personal review
Un juego de acción-estrategia multijugador como pocos, consistente en batallas aeronavales entre barcos flotantes.

Muy divertido, especialmente con amigos o con gente que sabe jugar en equipo en el mismo barco. Aunque ser un kamikaze con éxito también es genial.

6 de 10

# 2014-07-16 21:54:05
Official description
AirBuccaneers is a multiplayer airship pirate game with shamanistic Buccaneers and infamous Vikings fighting over domination of the North. This cooperative 1st person game requires seamless teamwork and strategic battle skills.

Welcome to the ancient North that, once the cradle of culture and peace, is now corrupted by magic and inhabited by nasty bandits sowing destruction in airships.

The Buccaneers blame the Vikings who, according to old sagas, once let the magic escape from their hands. The hatred just keeps adding up, leading the antiheros to even fiercer battles.

Fight over the questionable honor of your tribe in airships loaded with cannons, rockets and gunpowder. The success, as well as the bitter defeat, is solely dependent on how well you co-operate with your crew mates. Maybe one day you will conquer the ancient North and find wonderful Atland, the city of scholars, that was once destroyed by no one but your own tribe.

Finding the right kind of battle strategy is not self-evident in the merciless winds and twisted magic of the North...

* Heavy emphasis on teamwork. Solo players, time to team up!
* Intense air battles. Airship armadas fighting against each other in berserk frenzy.
* Mythical story. This is what really happened in the darkness of the past.
* Character development. Start as a lousy low-life and turn into a crazy shaman warlord.
* Powered by Unity 4. Game developed by an independent game studio from northern Finland.
# 2012-11-30 08:52:47 - official description
Technical specs
display: textured polygons
External review - average: 75%
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AirBuccaneers in-game screen.
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