Quest for Infamy

published by Phoenix Online Publishing in 2014-07-10, developed by Infamous Adventures, running on Linux
type: adventure
genre: Fantasy, Adventure-RPG, Point-and-click adventure
perspective: side view
player options: single player
game engine: Adventure Game Studio
languages: eng
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Official description

From the makers of the critically-acclaimed remakes of King’s Quest III and Space Quest 2 comes an all new point and click adventure game, in the classic stylings of games of yore.

CAUTION: This game contains swearing, profanity and violence. You must be over 14 years of age to play.

Quest For Infamy is a classic point and click adventure game, in which you assume the identity of "Mister Roehm" a man trying to start over after running away from a shady past. He’s come to the little town of Volksville only to discover there’s so much more going on in the valley than meets the eye! Come along and take a walk on the wild side with Roehm – and discover just how bad you might be.

Featuring three different character classes, why not take on the sly and cunning path of the Rogue, or behold the wonder and limitless power of the Sorcerer. Or maybe you'd prefer the brute strength and brawn of the Brigand. Each class takes you on a different course throughout your quest making it ever so unique. Quest for Infamy will have a fully orchestrated soundtrack, voice acting and stunning hand painted backgrounds and animations.
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Technical specs

additional hardware: x86-64 CPU,
display: raster

Editor note

Demo can only be found on the homepage. Also GOG version will have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (instead of providing the demo)
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