Dance Dance Revolution: Mobius

created and published by 365 Games in 2009-06-30, running on Mobile phone
type: rhythm
series: Dance Dance Revolution

Official description

DanceDanceRevolution: Mobius brings the rhythm dancing classic series to mobile. Play DanceDanceRevolution wherever you are - make your moves, on the move. DanceDanceRevolution: Mobius brings the legendary rhythm dancing series to mobile. Match the beats to complete up to six songs ranging from forgiving beats to rock hard, 200 bpm, floor-fillers. Match the stream of rising arrows to the rhythm in order to bust your moves and score points for precision. Make the moves in time and accumulate 'Dance Power', once you have enough you can bust out your ultimate dance moves. With varying difficulty levels, arcade and practice modes, and a scoring system straight from the arcades, DanceDanceRevolution: Mobius lets you make your moves, on the move.
# 2013-05-21 10:54:49 - official description

Technical specs

additional hardware: RIM BlackBerry,

Tags (2)

video game



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Dance Dance Revolution: Mobius in-game screen.
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