created and published by Blackpowder Games in 2014-03, running on Windows
type: action/reflex
genre: Fantasy
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Personal review

Un juego que no sé si llamar de sigilo o de terror, pero que tiene una buena dosis de ambas y encima logra ser esperpéntico a plena luz del día.
Tiene una jugabilidad bastante minimalista y una estética que salta entre un mundo colorido y un mundo rojo y gris. Además la dosis de exploración y los combates casi siempre en clara desventaja lo convierten en un juego de lo más interesante.

8 de 10

# 2014-12-27 23:10:55

Official description

Betrayer is a first person action adventure game that takes you to the New World at the turn of the 17th century.

The year is 1604. You sailed from England expecting to join a struggling colony on the coast of Virginia. Instead, you find only ghosts and mysteries. What catastrophe blighted the land and drained it of color and life? Where are the settlers and tribes who lived here?

Clue by clue, you must piece together the story of what befell this doomed settlement and find a way to set things right. You will be hunted by corrupted Conquistadors and ravening shadows as you explore an expansive wilderness in order to trace the brief, tragic history of the colony and search for survivors.

Key Features

Explore large, open environments teeming with danger and discovery. Chart your own course in search of clues and treasures.
Switch between two distinct worlds featuring different enemies, obstacles, and threats.
Wield early 17th century weaponry including muskets, bows, crossbows, and tomahawks. Upgrade your arsenal by purchasing or finding faster, deadlier, longer-ranged weapons.
Charge headlong into battle with guns blazing or pick enemies off quietly. A novel, movement-based stealth system lets you hide in plain sight or use the wind to mask your footsteps.
Equip ability-enhancing Charms to complement your play style, granting anything from extra health to faster movement to improved stealth.
Play with the default visual style for maximum eeriness and tension or customize the color and contrast settings to suit your tastes.
# 2014-11-17 20:25:42 - official description - source

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Authors / Staff

Blake Hirsch
Brad Pendleton
Craig Hubbard
David Longo
Larry Paolicelli
Ron Harvey
Wes Saulsberry

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