Journey to the Center of the Earth

published by THQ in 2008, developed by human soft, running on Nintendo DS
type: action/reflex
perspective: side view
languages: eng

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The gameplay of the game is based solely around the events of the movie in an open world environment, allowing the player to control out-of-control mine carts, and rafts throughout out the center of the Earth.[3] THQ also expanded the environment of the center of the Earth to allow the player to further journey throughout the open environment.[3] The game also features three playable characters including: Trevor, Sean, and Hannah who each have a special ability.[4] Progress in the game is based on the use of checkpoints.[5] Each time a character dies, they return to the last checkpoint and continue from there.[5]Journey to the Center of the Earth allows the player to control movements with the bottom screen while the character reacts on the upper screen. IGN said this about the game: "Horrible controls make the game an endless pattern of accidentally jumping into bottomless pits."[5]
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

External review - average: 35%

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Journey to the Center of the Earth in-game screen.
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