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published by Atari in 1983, running on Atari 5200
type: action/reflex
setting: Future
perspective: side view fixed camera
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng other

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CX-5240. Rarity 1 common. North America NTSC. 1 player or 2 players simultaneous dynamically cooperative or competitive. Like the arcade game. As a knight mounted on an ostrich like bird you fly through the air and collide with enemies. Highest lance in a collision wins. Bounders (red) are reduced to eggs that can be destroyed in lava or collected for points. Wait too long and the eggs will hatch into the more powerful Hunter (white) and call another mount to attack you again. If you fail to collect a Hunter egg the most powerful Shadow Lord (blue) will hatch. Take too long to eliminate all the enemies on a level and you will be charged by the pterodactyl that can only be killed by a lance in the mouth. Also there is a lava troll that you and enemies must avoid. 2 players can battle at the same time. Though you can kill each other, there is a bonus if you both survive a level (called waves). Except for gladiator waves where the bonus goes only to a single surviving player. There are also bonus waves where all enemies start as eggs. Points are multiplied for successive kills, egg collections, egg catches and such.
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Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff
Steven Szymanski (programming)
'Alien' Allen Wells (programming)
Pete Gaston (programming)
Williams (Trademark)
Williams (Copyright)
Atari (license from Williams Electronics Inc.)
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