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Montezuma's Revenge

created and published by Parker Brothers in 1984, running on Atari 5200
type: platformer
series: Montezuma's Revenge
perspective: side view fixed camera
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Personal review
This is the best game I ever played. It is a plataform game where you are into a temple looking for a treasure. In the adventure you will go through spinning skulls, spiders, rays looking for the keys that will guide you door by door towards the fantastic treasure. This game is an old one but showing that the good stuff ain't only created in these days. Just get it, it is a must play!
Agustïn E. Bahïa Blanca, Argentina.
AgustinArgentina - # 2006
Official description
Wherever there's mind-twisting mystery, hair-raising adventure, and non-stop action - PANAMA JOE is sure to be there. And in MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE, he's got more than he bargained for as you help him through 100 danger-filled chambers in Aztec emperor's fortress. The stakes? Priceless treasure. And lots of it. But finding necessary keys, torches, swords, and amulets is no small feat as PANAMA JOE tries to avoid deadly snakes, menacing spiders, and bouncing skulls. But then disappearing floors, bridges, and laser walls are no picnic either! It's up to you to lead this undaunted adventurer through the labyrinth of chambers in an attempt to solve the riddle of the fortress and escape with the loot!
Zerothis - # 2007-07-05 18:21:15 - official description - Back of the box
9460. Rarity 4 scarce+. North America NTSC. 1 player only.
Guide Panama Joe 'Pedro' through a 10 stepped pyramid to find King Montezuma's treasure thus bringing Montezuma's Curse upon yourself and all your descendants. You must navigate, climbing chains, conveyor belts, disappearing floors, fire pits, laser gates, locked doors, sliding poles, steps, and other such obstacles. Collect amulets, swords, and torches. The ultimate goal is to find the king's treasure room.
(Zerothis) - # 2007-07-05 18:16:56
Technical specs
display: raster
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Montezuma's Revenge in-game screen.
Montezuma's Revenge (Atari 5200)
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