Papers, Please

created and published by 3909 in 2014-02-12, running on Linux
type: adventure, action/reflex, simulation
setting: Past
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng
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Papers, Please places you in the role of a border patrol officer earning piecework pay to approve legitimate travelers through a border checkpoint the dystopian country of Arstozka. You were assigned this job via lottery. You collect your pay from the approved travelers. Approve any illegitimate travelers and you could be fined and fired. Deny any legitimate travelers and you could be fined and fired. Fail to approve and deny fast enough and you will not earn enough money to provide housing, heating, medicine, and/or food for your family. Arstozka keeps everybody on their toes by making minor changes (with major consequences) to the regulations (who can pass or not) moment to moment. Minor changes to the regulations often require reading pages of regulations to find them, which of course takes time. Also, it does not matter if the travelers are legit or not, what matters is if their paperwork meets current regulations. For Instance, 90 year old Valentina Moles can tape a photo of her 8 year old nephew to a passport. If the regulations say don't check photos, and the rest of her passport checks out, then you'd better pass her.

zerothis # 2014-04-15 20:28:06

Technical specs

software: Lutris, OpenFL,
hardware: Keyboard, Mouse,
display: _ (mixed), text, raster

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