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The Sims

a.k.a. Sim People / Les Sims / Die Sims

published by Electronic Arts / EA Games in 2003-01-12, developed by Edge of Reality, running on PlayStation 2
type: simulation

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Official description
For the first time ever, two players can play the Sims together! Play the game with or against your friends as you challenge them for popularity points and bragging rights. You can save your houses and Sims on a memory card and play them on a friend's system. Customizing the appearance of your Sims reaches a whole new level of detail on the PlayStation2. Like never before, players can create and tailor their Sims with accessories such as stylish hats, trendy glasses, cool hairstyles, and an enormous variety of clothing options. Your Sims will have a multitude of new features. Just like in the original version of The Sims, players will be able to create the perfect Sim home, customize the Sims who live there, and control their lives. But in this version, players can explore an entirely new 3-D world that harnesses the full power of the PlayStation2 console. There is also a cast of wacky neighbors to interact with that can't be found in any other Sims game. The new controller-base game interface makes manipulating the Sims through the triumphs and tribulations of their daily lives both easy and amusing. Whether it's level-based fun, two-player challenges, or classic Sim-style open-ended game play, the Sims are new for the PlayStation2 console!
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Technical specs
display: textured polygons
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