Sport Goofy

created and published by Atari in 1983-11, running on Atari 5200
This game has not passed the prototype stage.
type: platformer, sport
genre: Cartoon, Humorous, Made-up Sport, Olympics, Water diving
setting: Mickey Mouse universe
perspective: side view 3rd person other fixed camera
player options: single player
other: Prototype
languages: eng

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CX-5237. 1 player only.
This game was scheduled for release in November of 1983. Two NTSC North American prototype cartridges dated 4/11/83 and 6/15/83 are know to exist. Based somewhat on the series of Goofy cartoons each has two Olympic style events, The Marathon Dive and The Pogo Pop. The Marathon Dive is a platform game in which Goofy has a limited time to reach the top of a lattice and preform a basejump on to a raft. But this being Goofy, he's hindered by mini tanks and holes in the lattice. Also, he has a faulty parachute and he forgets where the edge of the lattice is. However, if you successfully hit the raft, he'll live to try again, only it gets harder each time. The Pogo Pop is a pseudo 3D puzzle in which Goofy must land on every platform. Of course they disappear once hit. And there are Mickey balloons floating above for bonus points. The game seems finished, yet it was unreleased.
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Technical specs

display: raster

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Leo Salinas (programmer)

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Sport Goofy in-game screen.
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