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created and published by Tortuga Team in 2014-03-17, running on Linux
type: strategy, turn-based
genre: Fantasy
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng fre ger pol por rus

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Official description
Braveland is a turn-based game inspired by old-school strategies with hexagonal battlefield. You will start as a humble warrior's son whose village was cruelly raided and will end as talented commander of your army.

The story will take place in a hand-drawn world and cover many interesting places and characters. Various warriors will join your army - archers, scouts, healers, footmen, arbalesters and more.

Turn-based battles in old-school style.
Command your troops and defeat enemies in hand to hand battles.
26 various warriors and creatures from archers to golems.
Three story chapters each in unique corner of the world.
Evolve your hero, find awesome artifacts and learn battle magic.
Intense boss fights at the end of each story chapter.
Hours of gameplay with 50 battles.
High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art.
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Technical specs
display: raster
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Braveland in-game screen.
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Braveland (Linux)
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