a.k.a. Lord of the Rings Game Engine / J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. 1

published by author, running on Open Pandora
type: action/reflex, role-play
genre: Fantasy
series: The Lord of the Rings
setting: Uchronia, Arda
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Thanks to a game engine called Lord of the Rings Game Engine, Lord of the Rings Vol I can be played on a variety of platforms. Plus a few enhancements. It works with the LotRv1 demo, the 2.3 disk version, and the CD version. Lord of the Rings Vol II is not yet playable.

This game follow the plot of the book fairly closely and adds sidequests. The side quests include Middle-Earth characters and objects not necessarily from the book or in expanded roles. For instance, the fellowship can become involved in recovering some pieces of Andúril. The events leading up to the ending is also altered and the game ends at an earlier point than in the book. Members of the fellowship are recruited along the journey, much as in the book. Frodo can lead the fellowship or delegate to another member. The leader can cast magic (in some cases) and distribute skills to the various members. Enemies are consistent with the book and appear in different frequency in the day or night. Many sidequests are of the fetch-quest nature.
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Technical specs

additional hardware: x86-64 CPU,
display: raster

Authors / Staff

Michal Beneš

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