a.k.a. DXX-Rebith / Descent 2 / Descent II

published by author in 2010-03-05, running on Linux
type: maze, shooter, simulation
genre: Science Fiction, First-person shooter
series: Descent
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng
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Personal review

Having completely eliminating all free thinking robots by destroying all PTMC (Post Terra Mining Company) mines as specified in his contract, our protagonist returns to base for his bounty. On arrival he is briefed by the PTMC representative (revealed to the audience to be named Dravis) on his next missing over his objections that he has fulfilled his contract. Dravis threatens him with law suit (which our protagonist is unconcerned about) and notifies him he will not be paid yet thanks to a 72 hour retainer clause in his contract. A warp drive is install on the ship during their argument. Dravis describes the mission as reconnaissance in the Zeta Aquilae system but our protagonist and the audience can see on the cockpit readout that the ship is being upgraded with news weapons (also from exterior views). We also get to see details the warp core prototype displayed in the cockpit. He sets out to eliminate the supposed source of the AI that immigrated to PTMC mines (which Dravis now refers to as an alien infestation) with only an inkling of PTMC's regard for him as no different than their robot slaves.

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Technical specs

additional hardware: ARM CPU, x86-64 CPU,
display: raster

Editor note

Decent was a commercially available proprietary game, but never published as such for Linux. D2X-Rebith is a source port of Decent 1 & 2. This project is based on Parallax' source code released under a proprietary licence that permits anything except commercial use. The developers of DXX-Rebirth have licensed their derivative code and additional original code under GPL version 3 and mixed it with Parallax' proprietary code as allowed under section 7 of GPL version 3. As a whole, the source code remains proprietary, especially in the sense that the non-commercial use clause still applies (thus restricting the freedom to use the code for any purpose). All content remains proprietary.

Mines throughout the solar system have been taken over by the robots built to mine them. Humans have been killed or imprisoned in the mines. It seems to be caused by some sort of computer virus. The owning company has hired a mercenary to rescue the surviving prisoners and destroy the main reactor in each mine, thus destroying the infected robots.
Shoot the robots, get power ups, find the keys, find the reactor, rescue the humans, destroy the reactor, escape the exploding mine, repeat.

Any commercial version of Descent II can be played on Linux using the D2X-Rebith engines. Yes, That includes the PlayStation version. This is considered a source-port All aspects except for movies from the Mac version are preserved. Also, the graphics are enhanced through OpenGL, any resolution, and widescreen options.

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