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29 Dam Buster

a.k.a. Videopac 29 / Blockout! / Breakdown! / Le mûr Magique / Le mûr Magique / Magibrick / Barricada! / Demolição! / Démolition! / Destruction! / Dämme sprengen / La supertrincea / Spræng dæmningen / Energijakten / El revientapresas / O demolidor de barragens / The Magic wall / B

published by Philips / Magnavox / Radiola in 1980, developed by Magnavox, running on Magnavox Odyssey2
type: action/reflex
genre: Breakout-like
player options: single player
languages: dut eng fin fre ger ita por spa swe other

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Due to a technical limitation in UVL, the forward slashes "/" in the alternate titles cannot be used distinctively nor exactly as they appeared in the game's original materials.

Blockout!/Breakdown!, Magnavox AA9427, USA, 1980
Démolition!/Destruction!, Magnavox AA9427, Canada
Dam Buster, Barricada!/Demolição!, Philips 06 AV 9427, Brazil
Dam Buster Philips 29, Europe, 1981
Le mûr Magique, Radiola 29, Europe, 1981
Magibrick, Jopac VFA A05, Europe
(Zerothis) - # 2006
Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff
Ed Averett
Contributors (3)
Samuel Anstee

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