44 Crazy Chase

a.k.a. Videopac 44 / K.C.'s Krazy Chase!A Perseguição Infernal / Caccia al Dragone / Come-Come! / Dolle Jacht / Gufferen og den skøre kålorm / La Caza Loca / La Grande Chasse de Broyefer! / Rattlesnake – Skallerormen / Super Glouton / Supermampfers Rache / Vimmattu Ta

created and published by Philips / Magnavox in 1982, running on Magnavox Odyssey2
type: maze, action/reflex
genre: Altered genre, Hybrid game
series: K.C. Munchkin
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng other

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

AC9442 K.C.'s Krazy Chase! published 1982 in the USA and Canada (and Mexico?)
A Perseguição Infernal published in Portugal
Caccia al Dragone published in Italy
Come-Come! published in Brazil
Crazy Chase published in the UK
Dolle Jacht (Dutch)
Gufferen og den skøre kålorm" published in Denmark Title
La Caza Loca published in Spain
La Grande Chasse de Broyefer! published in Canada
Rattlesnake – Skallerormen " published in Switzerland
Super Glouto published in France
Supermampfers Rache published in Germany
Vimmattu Takaa-Ajo published in Finland

A Voice game designed to use the "The Voice of the Odyssey²" add-on hardware to output synthesized speech

Designed in the celebration after Magnavox got away with their Pac-Man clone. This game features some changes to look and feel a little less like Pac-Man. Notable, Munkin does not *chomp* like Pac-Man. Yet the Dratapillar is meant to resemble the Centipede from Atari's game. The object is for Munchkin to devour the Dratapillar's segments while avoiding it's mouth and the lesser enemies. Trees slow down the characters. Dratapillar's segments function as power pellets.

'K.C.' were the initials of the president of Magnavox in 1981.

The sequel to K.C. Munchkin.
(Zerothis) - # 2006

Authors / Staff


Ed Averett (designer)


Ed Averett (programmer)

Tags (8)

video game
game genre
alteredgenre hybridgame (Pacman-Snake)
fiction genre

External review - average: 83%

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Tilt 1-38fr61983-075/683%

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Samuel Anstee

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