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Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame

a.k.a. Tetsudou-Oh / 鉄道王

created and published by dB-SOFT in 1987-12-12, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: board game
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player, hotseat
languages: jpn

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Personal review
"Tetsudou Ou" is a board game where up to 4 players compete with trains and the board is a railroad track. It does remind me a lot of the more well-known Momotarou Dentetsu series, but "Tetsudou Ou" was released a year earlier, so it was not inspired by it (but maybe vice versa). The map is actually part of Europe, displaying the region between England in the Northwest and the Alps in the Southeast, which is strange. I guessed they would take Japan as location. Technically it is not very impressive with rather simple graphics and music. But for a board game it is OK. After rolling the dice "wheel" you move around the track hoping that a positive action happens. It seems that you could kind of buy some train stations, similar to Monopoly as well. All in all a pretty average game which in the end is nearly impossible to play for people that don't understand Japanese.

# 2014-08-03 16:46:43
Technical specs
display: raster
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Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame in-game screen.
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Tetsudou+Ou+Famicom+Boardgame ()
Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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