created and published by Digital Confectioners in 2014-11, running on Windows
type: action/reflex
perspective: 1st person
player options: Internet
languages: eng fre ger ita pol rus spa other
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Scubas vs. sharks in multiplayer action format. Play as treasure hunter an prepare to be ambushed, or incarnate a great carnivorous fish and quench your thirst of blood with some poor bipeds and even a bunch of delicious seals.

Similar to Left 4 Dead with elements of The Hidden, delivers a very fun and heart-pounding experience.

8 de 10

# 2015-07-12 10:17:50

Official description

Play as a shark or a diver in a dark aquatic world and overcome your enemies by employing cunning, teamwork, and stealth. Depth blends tension and visceral action as you team up against AI or be matched with other players in heart pounding combat.


* Play as a shark
As a twenty foot Great White Shark, speed and senses are your greatest weapons. Stalk your prey from across the ocean and tear them in half with your razor sharp teeth.
* Play as a diver
As a human diver you must explore the abyss in search of treasure to upgrade your arsenal. Defend yourself with a range of high powered gear, from spearguns and pistols to underwater assault rifles and explosive sea mines.
* Heart pounding atmosphere
Experience the dread that comes from swimming in the darkness of the ocean. Dynamic lighting and shadows create a unique and gut-wrenching atmosphere that will have you on edge from the moment you dive in.
* Evolve your play style
Unlock exotic new weapons for your diver, or 'evolutions' for your shark that open up new tactical possibilities as you play the game. Persistent stat tracking and meaningful steam achievements will also give you something to shoot for (in some cases, quite literally!)
* Practice offline with AI bots
Not feeling quite ready to plunge into online play? Depth allows you to hone your skills against some alarmingly clever AI enemies who can be configured in several modes of difficulty.
# 2014-11-08 17:14:32 - official description

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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