Keys of the Kingdom

created and published by Left Behind Games in 2004, running on Windows
type: puzzle
genre: Environmental puzzle, Falling blocks, Sliding puzzle, Transport puzzle, Visual matching
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

Personal review

This is an ok puzzle game. Difficulty progression is good. But the 100 levels it comes with are the whole game. No level editor, no DLC. Something I would expect as an NES game (but with 16-bit quality). The voice-overs are high quality and numerous. More sound effects than are to be expected from a puzzle game. The 11 medieval style classical guitar ogg files (seemingly DRM-free) installed with the game are worth well more than the ninety-nine cents I spent on the game (I'd up to say $6 is fair). The Scriptures shown between levels (that can be skipped after a few seconds) seem to bear no connection at all to each puzzle (or even the game itself). Sir Lancelot and his horse offer a few seconds of entertainment and are terribly underused for this purpose. There is also many missed opportunity concerning the story. Sir Lancelot making his way to appeal to the King who has, under terrible advice, forbidden private ownership of land. This has huge connotations concerning the subjects of property, authority, history. They present Sir Lancelot as the not-so-heroic character of the Arthurian tales. But are merely poking fun at the character, not actually revealing any of his flaws as shown in the original material. The situation brings to mind Martin Luther appealing to the Pope when opposed by the Pope's bishops (among other authorities). Also what the Holy Bible has to say about property ownership. And the history of England when Nordic kings imposed Forest Law (i.e. the king owns everything). And of course, the Arthurian cycle.

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The ultimate goal of each puzzle is to bring together the lock brick and the key brick. In the way, or there to help, or both are bricks with a color and pattern (each color always uses the same pattern). Every non-wall brick can be dragged left or right and they fall if there is nothing underneath. If matching bricks touch vertically or horizontally (except when falling past), they both disappear (complete with chain reactions). Thus, it has elements of Match-3, Sōkoban, and Joining puzzle games. Later levels adds horizontal or vertical conveyor bricks that can carry one or more bricks in a stack (again, by dragging the lift). And there are the scales. Effectively two vertical conveyor bricks bound by a rope and pulleys. They will remain balanced on the same row as long as the weight on them is equal (including no weight). But unequal weight will cause the heavy end to fall until it rests on a brick or wall. Thus, these are also environmental puzzles. A scripture is displayed and read after each level is completed. Solutions are available as flash movies (that will not 'just work' wine, they seem to be a very old and obscure macromedia format of flash). Difficulty increases with each puzzle and there are 100 puzzles.

The story of the game is about Sir Lancelot going to meet with the King to persuade him to restore the right to own land. Five arches, 100 guards and 100 locked gates (and 100 puzzles) are betwixt.
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Technical specs

display: raster



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Solomon (the horse) eyes the puzzle carefully while Lancelot dreams of mutton.
Keys of the Kingdom (Windows)
Keys of the Kingdom (Windows)
Keys of the Kingdom (Windows)
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