Atari Vault

published by Atari in 2016, developed by Code Mystics, running on Linux
type: board game, action/reflex, maze, platformer, shooter, flight, racing/driving, strategy
genre: Defense game, Serious game, Traditional game, American football, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, Horse racing, Minigolf, Motor racing, Motorsport, Racquet sports, Freefall skydiving, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Wǔshù, Blackjack card game, Checkers, Chess, Hangman, Slot machine, Augmented Reality Game, Breakout-like, Missile Command-like, Pong, Snake, Survival horror, Tube shooter, Vehicular combat
series: Swordquest
setting: Past, Present
perspective: bird's-eye side view 1st person 3rd person other push-scroll fixed camera
player options: single player, shared-screen, Internet
game engine: Unity
languages: eng
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Technical specs

additional hardware: Steam Controller,
display: raster, vector

Editor note

Various trademarks have been changed or removed from many of the games such as "Indy 500" and "Snoopy".
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automobile breakout claiming-objects pongs

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