published by author in 1997, running on BSD
type: flight, simulation
perspective: bird's-eye 1st person 3rd person other selectable
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Technical specs

additional hardware: x86-64 CPU,
display: raster

Authors / Staff


Curtis Olson 'curt' (project manager)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (property manager)
Oliver Delise (founder)
Roland Voegtli (european scenery project for x-plane founder)


Bernhard H. Buckel (co-author getting started manual)
Jean-loup Gailly (zlib library co-author)
Mark Adler (zlib library co-author)
Michael Basler (co-author getting started manual)


Alexander Perry 'alexperry' (developer)
Alexander Perry 'alexperry' (14cfr version developer)
Bernie Bright 'bbright' (developer)
Bernie Bright 'bbright' (beos port)
Bipin Sehgal (coding)
Bruce Finney (msvc5 compatibility)
Bruce Jackson of NASA (larcsim code)
Cameron Moore 'hrothgar' (developer)
Carmelo Volpe (metro works development environment port contributions)
Charlie Hotchkiss (hud code)
Christian Mayer (multi-lingual conversion tools)
Curtis Olson 'curt' (14cfr version developer)
Dave Eberly (sphere interpolation code)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (developer)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (joystick support)
Didier Chauveau (parse code)
Durk Talsma 'durktalsma' (developer)
Ed Williams (magnetic variation code)
Elizabeth Rendon (support)
Eunice Lee (support)
Gary R. Van Sickle (gameglut support)
Jay Thomas (support)
Jeff Scott (coding)
Jon S. Berndt 'jberndt' (developer)
Jonathan R Shewchuk (triangle program)
Michael Selig (coding)
Michele America (hud code)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (developer)
Paul Schlyter (astro code answers)
Sudhi Uppuluri (support)
Tony Peden 'apeden' (developer)
William Riley (joystick support)
Wolfram Kuss 'wolfram_kuss' (developer)


Christian Mayer (msfs formated texture reader)
Dave Cornish (runway textures)
Dave Cornish (cloud textures)
Eric Mitchell (scenery textures)
Friedemann Reinhard (textured instrument panel)
Michael Smith (cockpit graphics)
Paul S. Heckbert (graphics gems iv)
Raul Alonzo (moon texture)
Roland Voegtli (scenery textures)
U.S. Geological Survey (geographic data)

3d artist

Chris Schoeneman (3d sound)
David Luff (io360 piston engine model)
Gordan Sikic (cherokee flight model)
Mike Hill (3d aircraft models)
Phil Schubert (textures modelling)
Phil Schubert (engine modelling)
Tony Peden (flight model front)
Tony Peden (atmosphere model)


Oscar Everitt (engine sounds)
Tom Knienieder (audio library openbsd port)
Tom Knienieder (audio library irix port)
Tom Knienieder (audio library win32 port)


Alexander Perry 'alexperry' (install manual)
Alexander Perry 'alexperry' (getting started manual)
Darrell Walisser (mac documentation)
Oliver Delise (documentation)


Anders Morken (european mirror hosting)
Jim Brennan (hosting online usa scenery)
John Check (hosting online packages)
WoodSoup Project (web services)

public relations

Oliver Delise (public relations)


3d models
dns services)
email lists
ftp services
shell accounts


Alan Murta (generic polygon clipping library)
Alexei Novikov (european scenery)
Alexei Novikov (scenery render script)
Bob Kuehne (makefile system)
Brian Paul (tr library)
Brian Paul (mesa)
Bruce Jackson of NASA (answers)
Christian Mayer (weather data base system)
Christian Mayer (weather subsystem)
Christian Mayer (balloon simulator)
Curtis Olson 'curt' (scenery subsystem)
Darrell Walisser (macos compatability)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (mouse input)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (financially contributions)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (readme updates)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (2d save)
David Megginson 'dmegginson' (load panel)
Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (larcsim loading)
Durk Talsma (sun)
Durk Talsma (moon)
Durk Talsma (planets)
Durk Talsma (2d cloud layers)
Ed Williams (aviation formulary)
Francine Evans (tri-striper)
Gary R. Van Sickle (cygwin answers)
Gene Buckle (compile issues)
Habibie (simgear rpm package)
Jean-Claude Wippler (metakit)
Jean-Francois Doue (c++ classes)
Jeff Goeke-Smith (autopilot)
Jeff Goeke-Smith (time zones autoconf check)
John Check (joystick howto)
John Check (panel howto)
John Check (new instrument panel configurations)
Mark Vallevand (metar parsing)
Mark Vallevand (win32 screen printing)
Michael I. Gold (opengl answers)
Neetha Girish (xml configurable hud)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (url finding)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (optimizations)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (scenery generation answers)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (windoze answers)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (wgs84 distance)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (wgs84 course routines)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (gui contributions)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (hud contributions)
Norman Vine 'nhv' (autopilot contributions)
Oliver Delise (faq maintainer)
Oliver Delise (networking)
Oliver Delise (multi- user)
Paul Bleisch (debug)
Paul Bleisch (config file)
Paul Bleisch (command line parsing systems)
Petter Reinholdtsen (gnu automake)
Petter Reinholdtsen (autoconf compatability)
Phil Nelson (gdbm)
Ralph Carmichael (pdas)
Raul Alonzo (ssystem)
Reto Koradi (fog help)
Richard Kaszeta (screen buffer)
Richard Kaszeta (ppm screen shot)
Robert Allan Zeh (cygnus win32 answers)
Robin Peel (location database)
Thomas Gellekum (freebsd compatability)
Tony Peden (cessna 172)
Tony Peden (bugfixes)
William Riley (brakes)



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