a.k.a. David's open-source port of PoP

published by author in 2014-07-21, running on Linux
type: platformer
genre: Fantasy, Cinematic platformer, Music game
series: Prince of Persia: Original, Prince of Persia
setting: Antiquity, Past
perspective: side view fixed camera
player options: single player


The ubiquitous original Prince of Persia ported to SDL and modern systems with . This port is modable (total conversions). It also has the option of individually turning on or off, any feature, quirk, or bug that ever existed for any port of the game. Time limit can be set and optionally count cut-scene/music time. Adds force-feedback, haptic feedback. Sensible features like guards break your fall if you land on them, slamming into a wall will shake nearby loose tiles (so you don't have to step on them or jump up into them) and Iaido strikes (draw and strike in a single stroke). Finally, there are built-in cheats. You can, for example, play with more time, less time, or infinite time.

A young foreign prince is in love with the Princess. This is a threat to Grand Visir Jaffar who illegally controls the throne in the Sultan's absence and intends to legitimize his rule through marriage. Jaffar kidnaps the foreign prince and locks him in the dungeon. In 1 hour, the Princess must marry the Jaffar or be killed. Play as the foreign prince. Solve puzzles, find items, find a sword, fight guards, escape and save the Princess.
zerothis # 2017-11-10 00:26:55

Technical specs

additional hardware: Gamepad, Joystick, Keyboard, x86-64 CPU,
display: raster

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SDLPoP in-game screen.
SDLPoP (Linux)
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