created and published by Creative Computing in 1975, running on Altair MITS 8800
type: casino/cards
genre: Roulette
series: 101 BASIC Computer Games Series
perspective: other
player options: single player
languages: eng

Personal review

Play on an 'American' roulette wheel (1-36,0, and 00)'. Bet $1 to $500 on a number, 00, 0, a halfs group (19-36), thrids group (ie: 13-24), a column, odd, even, red, or black. No number spanning (2+5, 20+21+23+24), no rows, no betting on zeros except as a single number. The computer will be betting on each spin as well. The spin results in 1-36, 0, or 00 and all the non-zero numbers are on red or black backgrounds. The goal is not so much to win here (everyone loses eventually), but to make more money than the computer does. When the computer wins, ir writes itself a check (which doesn't include routing or account numbers :) Interestingly, in the book 101 Basic Computer Games recommends using a martingale strategy (classic double-up) as a way to win at this Roulette game. For those who don't know, the martingale strategy only comes close to working if you have infinite wealth to begin with. Even then, it doesn't work if there is a zero space on the wheel. And it especially doesn't work in the case of two zeros spaces.
# 2017-04-01 23:26:18

Technical specs

additional hardware: 8086 CPU,
display: text

Authors / Staff

David Ahl

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Roulette in-game screen.
Roulette (Altair MITS 8800)
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