Time Bound

published by Tandy in 1983, developed by Children's Computer Workshop, running on Tandy Color Computer
type: edutainment
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Personal review

Play as a time doctor in search of your assistant, Anacron. Anacron messed with a time machine and he is lost at some important historical event which if altered will cause the collapse of civilization for all time, such as the invention of the sedan chair (AKA: litter, palki, lectica, kiệu, litera, palanquin, jiao, wo, sankayan, tahtırevan). Travel forward or backwards in time and point to events to find Anacron. Events are based on some horribly outdated Eurocentric textbook (even by 1983 USA standards) and, it would seem, the creativity of the game's developers (who think the sedan chair was invented in 1512; the pharaohs of ancient Egypt can just piss off, as well as Moses, the Romans, Han dynasty emperors, Maya, and Popes). Perhaps the details of how to find Anacron are in the instruction manual. The game itself says non-helpfully, "You are a doctor and Anacron, your assistant, played with the time machine again. Now he is "timebound" and you have to rescue him by getting to the exact period of time where Anacron is." The game does not say, catch a passing blue ball to be told the event it represents at the top of the screen and see the event with Anacron at the bottom". If you hear a beep, Anacron is moving to another event ("timebound"), or has arrived at one. The four digit number top middle of the screen represent the year being scanned (the only intuitive part to the game). So, catch an event, for example, to see that Anacron is at the first ESP Tag game ever played. Now, off to the library to find out when that event occurred. No worries, there is no time limit. Oh, but, Anacron will have probably moved on to the worlds first Telepathic Chess Tournament by the time you find ESP Tag. This is an edutainment game that rewards players for knowing history (at least CCW's version of it). BTW, the game doesn't keep score.

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Technical specs

additional hardware: Joystick, Keyboard,
display: raster



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