a.k.a. Miner / Inferno

published by Interplay in 1995-03-17, developed by Parallax Software, running on MS-DOS
type: maze, shooter, flight
genre: Science Fiction
series: Descent
setting: Future
perspective: 1st person 3rd person selectable
player options: single player
game engine: Descent
languages: eng

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Official description

Deep in the mines of Pluto, an unknown alien race has taken over the Post Terran Mineral Corporation and all intelligence shows that the planet is on a collision course with the Earth. Fly through over 30 levels of high speed, full 360° action in your attempt to stop the Earth's destruction.

* Play against up to 4 players over the network
* Scream down 3D texture-mapped passages
* Locate and use hidden power-ups and repair stations
* 'Morphing' Aliens
* Intelligent Alien creatures that 'learn' your strategies
* Plunge headlong down mine shafts
* Multi-channel digitized sound effects and rock score
Box blurb - # 2007-07-31 18:17:30 - official description

Technical specs

additional hardware: 386DX CPU,
display: raster
* MS-DOS 5.0
* 33 MHz 386 CPU
* 4 MB RAM
* MS-compatible mouse

* 33 MHz 486 CPU
* 8 MB RAM

Forward compatibility:
* Runs under OS/2, Win3.x, Win95 and Win98 with expectedly higher system requirements.
Sanguine # 2008-06-03 17:14:47

Editor notes (3)

Originally the levels were to be on board space stations. The use of a spacecraft and the micro-gravity nature of the environment actually do make a lot more sense this way. I mean, who flies a spacecraft into a mine? And why is there no evidence of gravity in the mines? (I vaguely recall the story of the game actually contrived something to explain the lack of gravity in the mines). The creative people decided that navigating space stations, although not in 3D, had been done to death already (and specifically it had been done in the FPS genre). After deciding on the new setting, game was refereed to as Miner. Both documents and the source code used this title. Nobody much liked this title. The editor was name Med (Miner editor) but the dev team refused to call it anything but "The Editor". Based on the official designated title being chosen as Inferno, The dev team integrated inferno into source code. This official title only lasted 2 days however, as it was discovered that Ocean was releasing a game by that title and it would be published before Miner could be. And there was an Inferno episode of Doom.
# 2014-07-10 13:24:47
Comes on 5 3½ disks.
An identical version comes on 1 CD-ROM
# 2008-08-02 12:53:51
The source code was released to public in 1997 under a proprietary license with a non-commercial clause.
# 2007-12-30 07:11:50

Authors / Staff

Matt Toshlog
Mike Kulas

External review - average: 80%

review sourcecountryissuedatescore   
Génération 4 (1-82)fr751995-0380/10080%

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