Pocket Universe

published by Sticky Software, running on Windows CE
type: edutainment


Requires WindowsCE 2.0 and it's confirmed not to run under WinCE 1.x. It is confirmed to run fine on any HPC Pro. 2 seperate versions for PPC and HPC. Plots the positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets and 5000 stars and find their location in the sky from any time zone. EPOCH 2000 co-ordinates. Dynamic views not just maps, step through seconds, hours, or years. See views from other planets. Sun and Moon rendered at relitive size. Lunar phases, messier objects, Location of Jovian moons. Support for 480x240 and 640x240 resolutions and colour inverting. Outlines for major Northern constellations, names of brightest stars. Settings are stored in Registry for ease of use. automatic colour/greyscale for all machines. Owners of the Altair version can 'upgrade' for free.

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Pocket Universe in-game screen.
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