The Sims

published by Maxis / Electronic Arts in 2000, developed by Maxis, running on Windows
type: simulation
genre: Life simulation, Social simulation
series: Sims
perspective: bird's-eye (isometric)
player options: single player
languages: eng

Personal review

The original life simulator, incredibly fun and simple.

8 de 10

# 2014-07-30 07:34:49


From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity. comes a new strategy game that really hits close to home. You are in charge of a neighborhood of Sims and it is up to you to show them that they're living in your world now!
# 2006

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Authors / Staff


Charles London (art director)
Chris Baena (assistant producer)
Chris Trottier (associate producer)
Jeffrey Charvat (technical director)
Jim Mackraz (technical director)
Kana Ryan (producer)
Melissa Bachman-Wood (assistant producer)
Sean Baity (assistant producer)
Tim LeTourneau (associate producer)


Claire Curtin (design)
Luc Barthelet (design)
Roxana Wolosenko (design)
Will Wright (lead design)


Alex Zvenigorodsky (programming)
Ãlvaro Corral (support)
Dan Hopkins (programming)
Danny Bilson (support)
Darren Futa (support)
David Oester (programming)
Dirk Vojtilo (support)
Eric Bowman (programming)
Feng Qiu (support)
Giulio Marchionni (support)
Gregory Touilliez (support)
James Doornbos (programming)
Knut Grossman (support)
Louis Ewens (support)
Marti Holguin (support)
Michael Perry (support)
Natasja Hagemeier (support)
Patrick Berrett (programming)
Patrick J. Barrett III (programming)
Paul DeMeo (support)
Paul Wilkinson (programming)
Trevor Perrin [1] (programming)
Trevor Perrin [2] (programming)
Wende Gauthier (support)


B.J. West (graphics)
B.J. West (artwork)
Bob King (graphics)
Bob King (artwork)
Daniel Goldman (additional graphics)
Daniel Goldman (artwork)
Eric Chin (graphics)
Eric Chin (artwork)
Eric Hedman (animation)
Jami Becker (graphics)
Jami Becker (artwork)
Margaret Foley (additional graphics)
Margaret Foley (artwork)
Minds Eye Media (additional graphics)
Minds Eye Media (artwork)
New Pencil Inc (additional graphics)
New Pencil Inc (artwork)
Ocean Quigley (additional graphics)
Ocean Quigley (artwork)
Stefan Gustafsson (additional graphics)
Stefan Gustafsson (artwork)


Art Hirahara (music)
Avram Siegel (music)
Celso Alberti (music)
Claire Curtin (music)
Dan Mendoza (music)
Daniel Joseph (music)
Darol Anger (music)
Dave Meniketti (music)
David Lauser (music)
Dix Bruce (music)
Eddie Ramirez (music)
Francois Lafleur (music)
Frank Biner (music)
Garry Lillard (music)
Gerri Lawlor (music)
Glenn Letsch (music)
Glenn Walters (music)
Jerry Kuderna (music)
Jerry Martin (music)
Jerry Martin (sound)
Jim Nunally (music)
John R. Burr (music)
Jonathan Mitchell (music)
Ken Marchass (music)
Kenneth Nash (music)
Kent Jolly (music)
Kent Jolly (sound)
Kirk Casey (music)
Laurice McCoy-Ozjuwah (music)
Marc Russo (music)
Marchino Brazil (music)
Mary Fettig (music)
Molly Mastick (music)
Myron Dove (music)
Robert Kauker (music)
Robert Kauker (sound)
Sandy Cressman (music)
Sean O'Connor (music)
Steph Burns (music)
Stephen Kearin (music)
Steve Smith (music)


Elizabeth Knudsen Sibley (voiceovers)
Gerri Lawlor (voiceovers)
Laurel McCarl Kapros (voiceovers)
Melissa Roberts (voiceovers)
Paul Rausmessen (voiceovers)
Sean O'Connor (voiceovers)
Stephen Kearin (voiceovers)


Tom Bentley (documentation)


Aaron Bennion (playtesting)
Andrew Bloomquist (playtesting)
Andrew Young (playtesting)
Anthony Alexander (playtesting)
Benjamin Crick (playtesting)
Chad Schnittjer (playtesting)
Colin Clarke (playtesting)
Daniel Hiatt (playtesting)
Darryl Jenkins (playtesting)
Daune Gundrum (playtesting)
Dave Knudson (playtesting)
David Koerner (playtesting)
Edward O'Tey (playtesting)
Etienne Grunenwald (playtesting)
Gabriel Gils Carbó (playtesting)
Jacob Fernandez (playtesting)
Jamil Dawsari (playtesting)
Jason Morales (playtesting)
Jay Miller (playtesting)
Justin Holst (playtesting)
Kinh Williamson (playtesting)
Matthew Lewis (playtesting)
Micah Pritchard (playtesting)
Michael Jung (playtesting)
Peter Trice (playtesting)
Rob Reck (playtesting)
Scott Parker (playtesting)
Shaun Morton (playtesting)
Syruss Flyte (playtesting)
Terry McElroy (playtesting)


Andrea Webber (special thanks)
Bing Gordon (special thanks)
Cassidy Wright (special thanks)
Charlotte Yates (special thanks)
Christine McGavran (special thanks)
Christopher Alexander (special thanks)
Cisco Lopez-Fresquet (special thanks)
Colin Boswell (special thanks)
Colin Cherot (special thanks)
Colleen Schuman (special thanks)
Creighton Hurt (special thanks)
Dan Brazelton (special thanks)
Daniela Castillo (special thanks)
David Shiner (special thanks)
Don Mattrick (special thanks)
Don Walters (special thanks)
Eddris Malikyar (special thanks)
Ede Clarke (special thanks)
Eric Kornblum (special thanks)
Eric Todd (special thanks)
Forrest Junod (special thanks)
Frank Gibeau (special thanks)
Frank Le Ouay (special thanks)
Hitoshi Ikeda (special thanks)
Ihssan Sekandari (special thanks)
Ilona Webb (special thanks)
Jeff Braun (special thanks)
Jenna Chalmers (special thanks)
Jenny Martin (special thanks)
Jim Gasperini (special thanks)
Joe Keene (special thanks)
Joell Jones (special thanks)
Josh Rose (special thanks)
Justin McCormick (special thanks)
Karen Ahn (special thanks)
Kelly Farrell (special thanks)
Kevin Hogan (special thanks)
Kristi Hein (special thanks)
Massimo (special thanks)
Max Chandler (special thanks)
Michael Bremer (special thanks)
Michael Cox (special thanks)
Michael Gauthier (special thanks)
Michael Larson (special thanks)
Michelle Hinch (special thanks)
Phillip Hinkle (special thanks)
Robin Matthews (special thanks)
Sid Meier (special thanks)
Stephanie Lonon (special thanks)
Susan Greene (special thanks)
Teresa Denton (special thanks)
Terra Morais (special thanks)
Trish Halamandaris (special thanks)

public relations

Patrick Buechner (public relations)


Elizabeth Knudsen Sibley (acting)
Gerri Lawlor (acting)
Laurel McCarl Kapros (acting)
Lucy Bradshaw (production)
Melissa Roberts (acting)
Michael Larson (production)
Michael Lawson (production)
Paul Rausmessen (acting)
Rob Martyn (production)
Sean O'Connor (acting)
Stephen Kearin (acting)
Steve Perkins (production)

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Génération 4 (83-138)fr1322000-035/683%
Génération 4 (83-138)fr1382000-103/650%

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