To Heart

a.k.a. トゥハート

published by Aquaplus in 1997-05-23, developed by Leaf, running on Windows
type: adventure
genre: Erotic, Manga, Visual novel
series: To Heart
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: jpn


For those of you who have played the previous 2 (Visual Novel Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) you'll be surprised by the changes in this one. What I mean is that the stories of both Vol. 1 (Shizuku) and Vol. 2 (Kizuato) are quite dark, and with a lot of suspense, but this one is a... just let's say, school love story. Hmm... personally I feel that this one is more like a love comedy Japanese-adventure game than a visual novel.
As a Visual Novel, one of its key element is the music, and this one keeps the tradition of Shizuku and Kizuato, has great musics, and this time even with a opening song and ending song... Hmm... very impressive (sorry for those who don't have the game CD). However, just as the changes of the mood of the story, the musics are happier here.
In conclusion, if you love those NANPA stuff, try this one! For those who loves the Visual Novel series, I recommend this one, although I think some of you may feel a little deceptional because the story is not as attractive (and suspensive) as the first 2 ones.
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display: raster

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To Heart (Windows)
To Heart (Windows)
To Heart (Windows)
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